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How is this logo?

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Free Logo Maker – Logo Ease

Logo Design Service

logo design service
Volvo Announces More Horsepower, Torque for 2012 S60 R-Design and XC60 R-Design
The 2012 Volvo S60 R-Design sport sedan and XC60 R-Design crossover will get significant horsepower and torque increases when they go on sale late this summer, the company announced today at the New York International Auto Show.
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Company Logo Design Free

company logo design free
I have just designed a company logo and want to save it in a vector format, how do I do this?

I have just designed a company logo and want to save it in a vector format, so that it does not distort if I make it bigger. How do I do this? Are there any free applications? Thanks

inkscape is an opensource vector graphics editor- you cant save a raster image as a vector image, you going to have to re-create it a vector format, fortunately some vector editors allow you to trace- (not sure if inkscape does though)

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Logo Creation

logo creation
Who designed the logo of BORG (t) in the series Star Trek?

Hello, I was doing research on creating logos history and found the logo of the Borg in the pages of wikipedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Borg_% 29% 28Star_Trek want to know that in our real world created logo. It is very neat and clean and commutative, for lack of better words. References are welcome!

ask.com.or face even better go to trek.com stars

Custom 3D Logo and Text Creation Tutorial – Illustrator CS4

Web Design Logo

web design logo
pls give me some web design and logo designing rafrance and inspration web sites.?

OK, Here is a great site with tutorials on Adobe (one of the best applications for graphic design – PhotoShop, Illistrator, Fireworks, Flash, etc):

Here is site with a few examples (not many up there yet): This site is an ASP.NET 2.0

Here is a Forum with Web Site Tips and SEO Tips:
This Site is a PHP Web Site

Here is a pretty good example of a CMS Web Site (Content Management Web SIte):

This is a good example of a “Flash Site”:

These are just a few off the top of my head…

Web Design Tutorial – Converting JPG logo to Vector

Graphic Design Studio

graphic design studio
Currency of a graphic design studio?

I just started my own graphic design studio. my company name Slowmo designs. Anyone can come up with a catchy slogan and daring.

Slomo makes me feel Slow, Slow Motion … and certainly not as a SLOW_MOVING business. Slomo if already registered, you probably would do a DBA …. I say …. OPTIMUM OPMO or connotation of OPTIMAL motion …. Best shot. Then, with a currency, it would OPTIMUM is the optimal solution.

Burning Red Graphic Design Studio Promotional Video 2008

Make Logo Free

make logo free
A site where you can make a logo for free?

Is there a website can create a logo for free?

I hope that they are enough to start. http://www http://www.logoease.com/ http://www.logomaker.com/ http://www.logoyes.com/ http://www.logoblog.org/logo-maker.php . freeflashlogos.com /

Learn Photoshop – How to Create a Multicolor Text Effect | Part 1

Logo Creator Freeware

How to make flash slideshow with swf output

Free Company Logo

free company logo
PM announces plan to crack down on child sex offenders
Prime Minister Stephen Harper went back to basics in Vancouver on Saturday, announcing tough-on-crime measures and warning that only a majority Conservative government can keep the economy on track.
YT – Cell Phones : How to Remove Company Logos From Cell Phones

Graphic Design Services

graphic design services
Where can I find graphic design services in Worcester, MA?

When I started my pizza business, I need logo or the Internet. So I called the design Eri, who were very good and inexpensive. His work is incredible, visit their website below

Graphic Design Services from The Plain Dealer