Dj Logo Design

New Business Logo Legality Help?

I’m trying to start a DJ Business and I edited a logo from Google Images.

I took the logo below, and added my text in Photoshop, and also got rid of the text at the bottom.

I tried to contact the website artist to find out her reuse rights, multiple times, but never heard anything back.

I’d like to start using this logo, but I don’t want to get into any legal trouble.

Any advice please!
Any advice on how to contact the artist if she doesn’t reply to emails. Do copyrights expire?

No no no. Do NOT use someone else’s artwork without permission. It’s illegal.

It doesn’t matter if you remove the artist’s copyright symbol and signature. It’s STILL illegal. And it’s illegal because it’s THEFT. Have your own logo designed by an artist you CAN contact. And pay.

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