Inexpensive Web Design

Does anyone know of an easy to use (web) software program for artists?

I am looking for a super easy web software to create an art website. I want to make changes to it after it is made myself.
I would like to hear from someone that has actually used one that they like.
I am looking for a modern web program fo atists so I can have a website made but edit it myself. This would be complete with you tube videos and very hight tech components.

Adobe used to make an inexpensive product called Page Mill. It was a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) page layout application.

All you had to do, pretty much is to layout the text and graphics on the monitor and it would convert it to fairly simple HTML code. You just indicated which text and graphics were meant to be “hot” links to other pages and sites and that was, pretty much it.

It had a LOT of limitations, but that is the nature of simple, easy to use programes. The more you want a software to do, the more complex it becomes.

I have an old, unused and unmaintained site that was designed in Page Mill. You can still access it at:

I don’t know if they still make it. Currently, I use Dreamweaver, which can have a pretty hairy learning curve.

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