What is the best music creation software?

I’m looking for software that can do anything. I plan to use it with my computer keyboard. The software should be very simple and if you click a key on your board it should give the tone or sound of whatever instrument you set it to. Any suggestions? Also possibly give me a place that reviews the top best. Again I’m not looking for software that has pre-recorded beats or melodies. I’m looking for software that let’s you create all the beats and sounds, organize it with effects, and do it all without needing to know how to play an instrument.

GarageBand is wonderful for newbies. When you want to move to the next level, get Logic Express, which is far harder to use, but way more powerful. The good things about these programs is that they can do so much without buying anything else, unlike other DAWs like Pro Tools.

What is Software + Services?

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