You also get a Matching Website and Business Card

If you are looking for a low cost, actually FREE way to come up with a logo for a business then you are in the right place.

You can design a logo for your business or for someone else’s website, totally free to use on a website, all in about 5 minutes. You have the option to upgrade to a high resolution logo, which can be used in print and any other place you may like to use it that is not online.

So How Is This Online Logomaker Free? I Just Don’t Get It…

The way it works is really quite simple.

You begin by creating a logo, including text and custom fonts from the hundreds of logo themed templates, that you can use as inspiration, when deciding what logo you wish to use for your business, group, club, client or any application you can think of.

The way we make this free to use, is based on the principle of you using this on your website only. If it get’s a good reception and you wish to use it in other areas of your marketing for you business or that of a client, then you will need to pay for a commercial license to do so. But if you only want to display the logo you create on, on a website you own, or use, then the cost of the logo is free. Yep totally free.

Logo’s can be edited once they are created, all you need is to login with the email and account you created when you made your logo. Like I said this is pretty simple

So How Do I Make A Free Online Logo, On This Website?

You can start by simply clicking here to get started in just minutes. This will open up a world of logo templates you are free to use. You can customise size of your logo, fonts used, colors of type and symbols, so that you can get the maximum impact from your design.