Logo Design Online Free

logo design online free

Is there any site out there that I can go onto where I can…..

upload my own images, or design them, ….and then put them to animation so I can make them move as I choose….

then download those moving images from the site, so that I can place them on my web pages for my online store….

I’m looking to create my own moving logos…and especially characters….people?

A free site would be preferrable, if not, atleast one that isn’t outrageous?

You can animate your images by using softwares such as Adobe Imageready that comes with Adobe Photoshop, not sites. Then you can upload them in sites such as http://imageshack.us og http://quizilla.com/ , get the url, and put them on your website by using this tag:-

www.MyEpikTees.com – Your Logo, Design or Idea! Design Your

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