Is there a site to get free art work for logos?

I have no artistic ability and need to come up w/ a logo for my company. Is there a site out there w/ free logos/artwork for free to use? Or anything else you can think of that might help.

SummitSoft software has a relatively cheap program called Logo Design Studio. It is available at CompUSA or several other retailers as well as direct download from their site.
I think it costs around $30. It has premade logo’s that you can customize to your needs. It also has elements that you can use to build your own logo.
Most of the sites I have seen that offer “free” logos are not very good. You get a thumbnail image for free and then they want to charge you for something you can actually use.
www.acidfonts.com has a free logo generator of sorts. It creates something out of your company name. But you can’t really add pictures, just textures and text.

Chermayeff & Geismar logos animation

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