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How to judge the quality of a Logo Design?

I’m a small business owner. I’m thinking about hiring an affordable logo design company. I’ve no experience of graphic designing so I’m worried that I may not get a quality logo design. I have found a company http://www.logoinn.com and they are providing logo designing services. They are good and prices are also competitive. Now I’m confused. Please help?

As a professional logo designer or as an small business working on a Logo Design you need to understand that a logo could last for more than a century with out any changes. So if you are creating something that could stay around for many years, wouldn’t it be wise if you spend more time on maintaining a high quality standard? Below is a small checklist that you should keep in your mind working on the new logo design.

1. ColorsWhen we talk about design, colors are probably the most important thing. Colors effect human mind in many ways. Seeing a nicely colored shape could make us like the shape, adore it, notice it, and remember it. A shape with a color that is just not right could make us dislike the shape, avoid it, ignore it and forget it. So when you check your Logo’s Design for quality make sure you pay special attention to color details.

2. Font
Fonts are called Type or Typeface in the logo design terminology. Fonts are used to represent the text in your logo design. A unique font gets quickly noticed by the consumer’s mind. But before you select a unique font randomly you need to check that it matches the other design elements in your logo design.

3. Idea
Your Logo Design is intelligent and represents the ideology of your business. The idea of your logo should be creative, neutral, attractive, non controversial, interesting and memorable. People love logos that give them something to think about.

4. Style
Style is how your logo gathers all the design elements and put them on the canvas. For example if the style of your logo is Modernism you wouldn’t want to include Victorian typeface to the design. Or if your style is nature then you wouldn’t want to include concrete structures to it.

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